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Olbas Oil 10ml is for use in children to help relieve nasal congestion, ideal for children and infants over 3 months old. A combination of decongestant oils that release vapors that help to relieve the symptoms of nasal congestion.

Hidden dangers of essential oils: The frightening truth about natural remedies such as Olbas Oil which can cause heart problems, convulsions and eye ulcers

  • Products made with essential oils can cause serious problems if ingested
  • Paediatrician Hester Yorke frequently sees children who’ve drunk products
  • Drinking the ‘highly toxic’ oils can cause heart problems and convulsions
  • Oils can cause corneal ulcers and breathing problems if used wrongly
  • John Oliver, 4, from Fulham, London, was hospitalized after drinking Olbas Oil and putting it in his eye
  • Dr. Yorke is calling on manufacturers to put a child-proof lid on the bottlesParents have been warned of the dangers of ‘highly toxic’ essentials oils by a doctor who says they can cause serious problems ranging from convulsions to corneal ulcers if used wrongly.

    Essential oils such as eucalyptus, clove, and peppermint are commonly found in decongestant products such as Olbas Oil, and used by parents on children suffering from winter coughs and colds.

    Reassured by the list of natural-sounding ingredients, parents are happy to sprinkle them on a child’s pillow, in their bath or on a tissue.

    But pediatric consultant Hester Yorke, who works at a busy central London emergency department, says she has dealt with a string of cases where children and babies have required hospital treatment after drinking or otherwise ingesting harmless-sounding oils.

    How long should you inhale Olbas Oil?
    Inhalation. Daytime: Inhaling vapors from a tissue sprinkled with a few drops of Olbas Oil quickly stimulates and enhances the breathing passages. Try adding 20 drops of Olbas Oil to a bowl of hot water, place a towel over the head and breathe vapors in deeply for 5 to 10 minutes.

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